“At Mayfair Assets, we believe that the variety of goods and services that our Mall offers will attract visitors back to the Mall”

USJ Wholesale City Mall is located at the heart of Subang Jaya, USJ 1. The concept of the Mall is to attract business owners who sells wholesale, retail and supplies goods at an affordable price. The Mall also welcomes shops selling unique handcrafted goods and also young entrepreneurs looking to venture into their first business.

USJ Wholesale City Mall has a large food court area consisting of over 40 different vendors (fully booked – waiting list available for F&B businesses), the Mall also has one of the largest and most affordable children’s play venue in the area.

The large food court and children’s play area will attract families to visit the Mall. The Mall will also organize promotional events such as product roadshows, sale events, promotional item giveaways etc. The Mall invests to create awareness and exposure of the Mall across the local area. USJ Wholesale City Mall re-thinks & offers a brand new brand and modern concept of wholesale shopping mall.

Our concept focuses on gathering various shops and business only on one floor. With the total build up ground of 76560 sq ft that includes retail units and food court, it occupies 15,870 sq ft with offices, store rooms, and also indoor kids theme park. Apart from our comfortable features, we also provides flexible retail outlet sizes according to our client requirements.

Kids Adventurous Indoor Theme Park

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