Mayfair Assets Sdn Bhd was established in 2014 under the subsidiary of LDP Promotion Fair Sdn Bhd for the main purpose of creating lifestyle shopping malls across Malaysia. Under the LDP-Mayfair Assets Group, the Management team possesses the expertise, workforce and network to build sustainable products for our clients.

Mayfair Assets has the vision of providing a sustainable platform for entrepreneurs across the country to either start up or expand their existing business ventures. Mayfair Assets is a progressive company that prides itself for investing into the future.


“At Mayfair Assets, we believe that the variety of goods and services that our Mall offers will attract visitors back to the Mall”
  • To build and add value to our existing portfolio across a range of industries including: property, mall management, e-commerce, event planning, entertainment and marketing.
  • Comprehensive mall management services to achieve highest and best use of retail assets throughout our portfolio.
  • Creating an exciting and vibrant lifestyle shopping experience for both tenants and shoppers.
  • Create, plan and build new concept shopping mall experiences to cater towards the changing demand of consumers across the country.
  • To provide a comprehensive range of mall management services including: advertising, events management, facilities management and leasing among other things
  • We aim to build sustainable and well-managed shopping malls to reinforce long-term our property assets.

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