Ever wonder where to bring your kids to experience an extraordinary jungle exploration in a busy city? Well, here’s a surprise from USJ Wholesale City Mall! Moora Kids Jungle is on the way to take your kids on a journey of jungle exploring!

The Moora Kids Jungle — the largest jungle-themed indoor playground in Malaysia will be one of the attraction of USJ Wholesale City Mall. We are here to provide a fun, interactive, learning and creative entertainment center with children-friendly playground facilities for different children age groups.

In order to keep things exciting, we do not settle for just the usual tunnels, slides and bridges. Hence, we have brought in big adventure pool ball, trampoline and whale swings that will give your kids the best and thrilling experience right here at Moora Kids Jungle! Other than that, we are also presenting you a big multilevel maze filled with obstacle courses in the Moora Kids Jungle to enhance the fun and challenge for the children. In addition, there are also a variety of slides, tunnels, slide nets, chain bridge, baby area, and other fun facilities included in the massive jungle-themed playground. Do take note that our game area will not offer video games, pinball-type games or games with violent in the theme park.

Concerned about the safety of your children? Not to worry, our mall keeps you covered on that too! Moora Kids Jungle provides a safe, clean and stimulating environment by strictly complying with indoor playgrounds safety standards. The structure of Moora Kids Jungle is safe as it is  padded and netted around the perimeter. Besides that, all play areas have soft indoor play-park equipment with extensive padding and no sharp edges. The visually open play area of Moora Kids Jungle will also be supervised constantly to ensure children’s safety, while allowing the children to reach, think, interact, explore and have fun in a safe environment.

The main concept for the coming soon Moora Kids Jungle is to allow the kids to enjoy themselves at the massive theme park that is suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years old, while the guardians/parents can also relax and enjoy their precious shopping moments at USJ Wholesale City Mall. The 8,000 square feet Moora Kids Jungle is able to accommodate 100-150 children at the same time.

Moora Kids Jungle is expected to be launching in 2017. Stay tuned!